Houston, say hello to a faster way to draft offers

Jointly automates form completion and speeds up offer submission so you can spend less time on paperwork and more time closing the deal.

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With Jointly you can:
Write offers in a fraction of the time
E-sign and deliver offers faster
Manage offers all in one place
Know the second your offer is viewed

A digital transaction experience that delivers




Draft offers 3x faster with prefilled contract forms

Eliminate contract errors with built-in compliance

Stay updated with real-time offer status notifications

See what Jointly can do for you

All I can say is WOW! Jointly eliminates virtually all manual data entry. In today's real estate market where we are having to write multiple offers for one client, this is a no brainer!
Jointly is an innovative and intuitive way for real estate agents to better manage the offer process. In this crazy market, being able to seamlessly submit and present offers is a key advantage.
Kat T, Realtor

Draft, sign, and manage offers with ease

Streamline client onboarding

Complete pre-transaction forms like the Buyer Representation Agreement and Wire Fraud Warning to capture data that prefills offers and speeds up submission.

“It was quickly evident that Jointly would save me a great deal of time.”


Write offers in minutes

Our MLS-integrated offer builder analyzes property data to automatically add required addenda and prefill contract fields so you can draft offers faster.

“Drafting and sending out an offer in Jointly saves so much time.”

Valerie M, Real Estate Agent

Hassle-free e-signature

Contract documents are pre-mapped and equipped with built-in e-signature so you never have to drag and drop a signature or initial field again.

“It's 100% better than ZipForms and DocuSign.”

Kat T, Real Estate Agent

Stay in the loop

Real-time offer status updates let you know when your offer has been delivered, reviewed, and presented without ever having to pick up your phone.

“Jointly brings all parties into the transaction making the experience transparent and efficient.”


All-in-one offer management for real estate agents

MLS integration
Forms library
Built-in e-signature
Custom document mapping
Modern client experience

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Does Jointly support leases?
Can I upload additional documents like the prequalification letter, proof of funds, a personal letter from the buyers, etc.?