Imagining a world where ownership is achievable to all.

At Jointly, we believe that diverse and widespread real estate ownership signifies freedom and ensures the fundamental right to comfortably be oneself.

Our Mission

To foster a collaborative space where everyone can join together in making ownership achievable.

Real estate transactions are better together

In 2016, we set out to create the world's most efficient real estate brokerage—one that integrated systems, made agents more productive, and provided clients with better visibility and an unmatched customer experience. It worked great. Our team was efficient and our clients were delighted, that is, until another agent got involved.

As two agents working in two separate systems, collaboration was near impossible. We were left sifting through emails, rewriting contracts, and juggling constant back-and-forth messages, all while our clients were left in the dark. Something had to give. We decided this was a problem worth solving, not just for ourselves but for everyone.

Over the next few months, we scrapped everything and went back to the drawing board. Taking into account all we had learned from building our own technology and operating a multi-geography brokerage, we set out to build an enterprise-grade software solution to tackle this problem.

We quickly realized the most critical point in the transaction process—when more parties got involved and communication began to break down—was the offer. So we focused our attention here, setting out to build the real estate industry’s most collaborative offer management platform.


Began working toward our mission of building a more connected real estate experience.

Founded in Austin

Started a tech-forward brokerage aimed at helping agents work more efficiently while providing an unparalleled client experience


Started building digital products to help agents better serve their clients

Released our first product

An automated home value chatbot to help home sellers better understand their home’s value.


Brought efficiency and transparency to the home selling process.

Released a seller dashboard

Our second digital product—a digital dashboard for home sellers to stay up-to-date and on track with critical to-dos.


Set our sights on expansion beyond Austin to help even more agents and clients.

Released a property marketplace

Our third digital product—a digital listings platform to help modern-day home buyers streamline their home search.

Expanded to new cities

Grew the brokerage to Houston and San Antonio—helping agents serve hundreds of home buyers and sellers across Texas.


Discovered the missing ingredient for real estate transactions—collaboration.

Launched Jointly

Dropped everything, set the brokerage aside, and pivoted the company to focus on solving this problem, not just for ourselves but for everyone.

Started building

Ramped up our team and got to work building the industry’s first digital collaboration platform for real estate transactions.

Began alpha testing

Tested the app with a group of agents and found the average time to draft an offer went from 30 minutes down to 5.


and beyond...

Launched our private beta

Officially released Jointly into the world with a private beta for agents in the Austin market.

First offer!

Received the first offer on the Jointly platform.

Our Core Virtues

The virtues that help guide us in working toward the Jointly vision.

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We adapt quickly to new challenges and are constantly innovating and improving both as a company and as individuals.

Fast and deliberate

We take calculated risks and make the best decisions we can based on the information, time, and options available to us, and we stick with them long enough to know if we’ve made the right call. Our egos are bruised by mistakes as we know success is achieved through learning and iterating.

Serve thy neighbor

We show up for one another—whether it’s a coworker, customer, or our community. We carry an authentic and altruistic spirit to uplift those around us and go the extra mile to help others succeed.

Radiate positivity

With every interaction—with one another, our customers, and strangers—we choose to add energy, not detract it. We are optimistic by default. We show up intentionally and remain present—always actively listening and engaged.

Embrace autonomy

We feel everyone on the team has something unique to offer and we trust one another to know how to best get our work done. We feel empowered to invent our own solutions without having to ask for approval, and know we have support should we seek guidance or clarification from teammates.

Quality over quantity

We prioritize quality over quantity in every situation—whether hiring for a team, explaining a complex concept, or deciding the scope of a project. We stay focused on doing our best work, not the most work.

Get gritty

We are committed to a relentless pursuit of mastery in all that we do, both as a team and as individuals. We are passionate, perseverant, and resilient in the face of obstacles and setbacks.

Meet our team

Adrian Cisneros

Implementation Analyst

Alexa Rose

Implementation Analyst

Andres Di Camillo

Front End Developer

Andres Garcia

Senior Engineer, Team Lead

Dan Starr

Account Executive

Doug Summers

Production Support Analyst

Erika Marquez

Product Designer

Ignacio Mendizabal

Dev Ops, Argentine Site Manager

Jacob Nelson

Back End Developer

Katsy Garcia

Visual Designer

Lili Shiota

Implementation Analyst

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Sr. Software Engineer - Team Lead
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Software Engineer - Backend
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Software Engineer (Implementation)
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Implementation Analyst
Hybrid (Austin, TX based)


Sr. Product Designer
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Head of Product
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Director of Community